Larry Siegel, ComposerLawrence Siegel: an American original

Lawrence Siegel is a composer, theater artist, traditional musician, and creator of a wide range of music through collaboration and innovation. In the footsteps of Henry David Thoreau, he has focused many of his creative energies on his little patch of ground: the Monadnock Region of Southwestern New Hampshire.

For over 25 years, leading his own unique Verbatim Project, he has facilitated and empowered groups to create original music-theater performances with their own voice: from the quirks of life in small New England towns, to the painful telling of the Holocaust story through his acclaimed oratorio, Kaddish.

Lawrence Siegel has received numerous awards and critical acclaim for his compositions. As a three-time recipient of the Performing Arts Fellowship from the New Hampshire State Council on the Arts, he was inducted as a Lifetime Fellow in 2013.

Siegel is currently developing Portraits, a series of cabaret-operas that tell real-life stories of individuals and their relationships in the fullness of life. Nunia: the Naomi Warren Story will be premiered in February 2014 by the Houston Grand Opera.