Kaddish is a concert event honoring the survivors of the Holocaust and rejoicing in their spirit.


“Sweet, shocking, melancholy, uplifting, horrific, and finally, powerfully triumphant.” –Houston Examiner 

Setting to music their actual life stories, Kaddish resonates the gravity of their experience and illuminates one of the darkest periods of our time.

2015 marks the 70th anniversary of the closure of World War II and the dawn of recognizing the most unimaginable of atrocities.  As the youngest Holocaust survivors now approach their nineties, it is all the more important to hear their stories.

Dr. Lawrence Siegel has memorialized these testimonies with Kaddish, an impassioned one-hour oratorio.  The libretto of Kaddish comes directly from interviews with Holocaust survivors and is in their own words.  Touring in 2015, Kaddish is a classical concert event with solo and choral performances that reveal the daily lives of these survivors before, during, and after the War.  Kaddish not only gives audiences insight into the past, but also shares the resilience of these individuals and the triumph of the human spirit.

Larry Siegel and performers after a reheasal of Kaddish in Jerusalem

Larry Siegel and performers after a reheasal of Kaddish in Jerusalem

Kaddish has been performed by distinguished organizations like the Houston Symphony, VocalEssence, and the Jerusalem Symphony, where the concert was held at Yad Vashem on the Mount of Remembrance in Israel.  Kaddish has been produced in collaboration with numerous universities and educational programs across the United States.  The critical praise has only generated more excitement about Kaddish.

“Kaddish had a gravitas and an emotional immediacy that made even the familiar story of the Holocaust fresh and compelling.” Minneapolis Star Tribune 

“It had the dramatic intensity and weight of the largest and most dramatic grand operas.” –Houston Examiner

“Joy of a kind born in resiliency emerges like a glow of white light in the final section of Lawrence Siegel’s oratorio – starting with a hymn-like choral setting of the words, ‘Nothing is as whole as a heart which has been broken,’ and rising to exaltation: ‘I am here!  I survived, and look who is with me.’” –Minnesota Pioneer Press

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